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Story Social Media helps make your business goals a reality, by using the power of social media and online marketing tools to increase your visibility and website traffic—turning leads into conversions—and as a result, growing your customer base and bottom line.


Because your story matters.

Let's tell it.

Whether you are a National Brand, a small-town business, a non-profit, or perhaps a blogger with big dreams, you have a story.

You have arrived where you are in your business journey because of the steps you have taken. Now you are on a path to your next destination. Wish you could have some do-overs? We all do. 

I want to help you continue writing your story—telling your story—making your mark in this world. I will walk along beside you as you further your journey in this fast-paced 2.0 world, or perhaps help bring you into it.

Regardless of where you are in your business, let Story Social Media help you achieve your goals.

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Marketing today has changed. The tools and techniques available to businesses are more advanced than anyone could have imagined—even a short 20 years ago.

Social media has become a crucial part of a company's communications strategy. If you are not using it consistently in your business, you are missing out. When used well, social media allows a company the opportunity to reach its customers and potential customers for a low investment—delivering measurable results in leads, sales, and business growth.  

Story Social Media is a full-service marketing agency that exists to help your business use social media and other aspects of online marketing to your best advantage—and to take it all off your to-do list. 

100s of clients later, story social media distinguishes itself by providing result-driven online marketing strategies—attracting potential customers, engaging with your audience, and converting them from traffic and leads to sales. 

Sarah Mackenzie Founder, Read-Aloud Revival

When Jenn is taking care of my ads on social media, I don't worry about a thing-- her attention to detail, ability to keep the ads on-brand, and commitment to good performance means that I can spend my time and attention on other things. I love working with her!


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    develop a customized strategy for your business or organization
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    actively engage with your target audience and prospective customers
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    give your business a competitive advantage 

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Dennis DiNoia Mr. D. Math

I have worked with Jenn on a couple of different projects. Her ability to gather information about the needs and specifics of my product and brand were amazing. Not only was she able to create an online market strategy for my company, she wrote a timely and widely read article which reviewed my products and educational programs. If you are looking for social media and marketing support, look no further! Jenn will be your go to person!

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