5 Crucial Elements of a Blog


Research shows that the first seconds someone visits your site matters most. Within that time, they make a decision if they are interested in what you have to offer or not.

This article offers crucial elements of a blog for you to consider.

People are visual. They are either drawn in or turned away by what they see. Therefore, giving them a beautiful canvas will only draw them to dig deeper in your site (i.e. read your content).

5 things to consider when designing a blog

1. Header :: This is where you make a first impression. Be intentional of saying what you do – what your brand represents – and display it here.

2. Color :: There are many studies of color versus consumer. While this is an important factor, you should also consider what reflects you – as a blogger and a brand. Make it happy. Make it you.

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3. Social Media Icons :: Can your readers easily follow you on social media? While connecting via blogs is important, so is social media – as that is when your readers are able to see more of the real you – in the day to day activities. Especially on Instagram and Facebook.

4. Fonts :: This is a biggie. Ensure your titles, posts, captions – every word on your site – are easy to read. The words and lettering should be clear. You may have fantastic content, but if it’s difficult to read, no one will. Choose a Google-friendly font – and if you are considering Lobster? Don’t. Just please don’t.

5. Subscription Box :: Do you have one? If not, stop right now and make this happen. It’s imperative. Offer your followers the opportunity to subscribe and receive regular updates. And if you really want to amp up your game, offer a free incentive that is relative to your brand for your new subscribers.
Are you ready to jump in and leap into the world of professional blogging? Or ready to step-up your game with your current blog?

Just do it. I’m cheering you on.

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