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Why you should hire a social media manager

Social Media has become an essential part of a business, and hiring a social media manager will eliminate the overwhelming feeling a lot of business owners feel with having “one more thing” on their plate. Running a successful campaign requires a firmly defined strategy. Social Media experts stay current with the rules and trends. They also understand what to post, when to post and how often to post. When done correctly, status updates are carefully crafted and will help companies improve their search rank and lead followers to the company’s website – where the actual sale will take place.

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Why you should hire a social media manager::

1. Social media is broad. Today there are hundreds of platforms in which to choose. Each platform offers a different audience and style. A social media manager can evaluate which ones are best for your company.

Currently :: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube is where the party is at.

2. Social media is about engagement. Using social media is more than just posting a Facebook update or a pretty picture on Instagram. It’s about investing time into your current or potential customers and developing and growing long-term relationships. Time builds trust. Trust builds loyalty. Loyal customers become return customers.

3. Social Media takes time. While many platforms are generally free to use, it takes time to create a presence on social media. The content shared across each platform needs to be valuable to your audience. A social media manager is someone who will take the time to find (or possibly create) this content. Regular postings throughout the day and responding to followers in a timely manner will help to grow your following and to build trust— and in time convert into sales.

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Why you should hire a social media manager | Story Social Media