Why you need a business blog


Blogging has been known for years, yet mostly familiar as people sharing hobbies or their opinions. Many people started “blogging” as an option to scrap-booking and documenting activities of their families.

Today, times have changed.

While there are still many hobby-bloggers and those who use it primarily as an outlet to share a glimpse into their personal lives (which is great!), blogging has proved to have so much more potential and purpose.

Today, people are making a full-time income blogging.

Today, people are leaving their 9-5 jobs and surpassing corporate incomes–blogging.

Today, blogging is a marketing channel that will give your business more visibility online.

Today, blogging is a big deal.

If you are a business owner, you need a business blog.

Your business blog should be incorporated into your website. [read: offer a navigational tab to your blog]

Your blog gives your brand a voice. It is a place to announce new products or services, share about current news of your business, and to let your customers–and potential customers–see the human side of your business.

Your business blog content must relate to your business.

I help small businesses to become active or advance in the online world. Whether it be through a new website, social media, email marketing, affiliate or ambassador program ….. therefore, this blog would share tips, tactics, and resources related to how to use online marketing in your business. Not how to build a birdhouse.

If you sell birdhouses, you want to be found on the first page of Google when someone searches Buy a Birdhouse. Having a business blog will offer content about your business and when SEO is correctly used, the search engine will be able to find you and offer your business/content in the search.

A business blog initiates conversions that will drive more business. Click To Tweet


Business blogging will help to get your product or service front and center to people searching for it on the internet. It will drive traffic to your website and provide opportunities for conversion–whether it be growing your email list or making a sale.

A HubSpot survey reported that 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers.

The more content your website offers, the more the search engines have to crawl, and the greater the chance of your business ranking and showing up in relevant searches.

Note: Don’t add content just to add content. Your content should be relevant to your brand and serve a purpose.

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Once your content is found, it’s also an opportunity for it to be shared across social media and to reach a new audience.

A business blog is a low-cost investment for your business creating endless opportunities for your business in today’s digital world. The posts on your business blog will be an asset in helping to grow your brand and promote your expertise, products and services. And in using analytics on your blog, you will be able to track your readers’ demographics, interests, and give you more of a glimpse of what your audience is looking for–and allow an opportunity for you to provide it.