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Clean your house before you consider hosting guests

There are companies who contact me to help them expand their reach and their impact using social media

And there are some companies I decline.


Because not all companies are ready for social media.

Yep. I said it.

Not all companies should be on social media.


Holy monkey. If y’all could see my real house some days. It’s a zoo. Literally.

But in regards to your business, I’m talking your virtual home. Your homebase. Your website.

Just as you would clean up your physical home before inviting company, your virtual home should be just as tidy.

What do you have to offer your guests on your website? Do you have captivating content to keep them engaged? Or are your products clearly displayed and screaming to (easily) be purchased? Is your messaging clear? Do you have a direct call to action?

If not, let’s do that stuff first.

Social media is a fantastic tool for (publicly) connecting and engaging with followers–old and new. But who wants to always hang out at a public place? Public places can go out of business, ya’ know?

If you are going to truly be friends, you may want to invite them over from time to time, right?

So, clean up your house. Your homebase.

Considering starting with an audit of your current assets

And you keep being awesome.

If this isn't done first and well, social media isn't going to convert like you want it to.