Email marketing services

Email Marketing Services

Step 2 of my marketing framework is all about reaching out to your existing customers and subscribers via email. Before that point, though, you need a robust email service provider (ESP), and at least one relevant opt-in offer (with a subscribe form) on your site. Once you have the means to capture emails and something valuable to attract customers to submit their addresses, then you need a plan for following up with those interested parties. Sure, you can send monthly newsletters, but setting up an automation series is far more efficient.

Benefits of Email Automation Series

  • Each new subscriber receives the same information regardless of when they subscribe.
  • You are providing each new subscriber with consistent information immediately after they sign up, at the time when they are most likely to open and respond to your messages.
  • Email automation is like the slow cooker (or electric pressure cooker!)—you set it and forget it. You do the work once and reap the benefits week after week, and month after month for hundreds or thousands of subscribers.
  • Email automations can serve as opt-in offers themselves. For example, take an ebook and divide it into an education series, delivered chapter by chapter in a series of emails.

Email Automation Service

Based on the insights from your marketing assessment, I work with you to plan and implement an email automation series of 5-10 emails. This service includes the following assistance:

  • determining the best content for an auto-responder
  • writing and editing the content (Your assistance is necessary at this step, but we can flesh out an outline or dress up a rough draft.)
  • formatting the emails in your ESP and setting up triggers
  • creating opt-in forms and installing them on your WordPress site

INVESTMENT :: $700-1100

I work with the following ESPs:

  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit

    If you are using another service (such as Constant Contact or Aweber), I suggest you move to one of the ESPs above because they are more modern, have more features, and are easier to use. Ask about my migration services.

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