How to Write a Killer Blog Post Title


“8 out of 10 people that read the headline don’t read the rest of the blog post.” – Copyblogger
Across all social media platforms, you probably see 100s of blog post titles a week. Maybe more.
If a title doesn’t appeal to you, you don’t take time to read the post, right?
It’s the same with your readers.
Some consider the title of the post more important than the content.
Because the title is what captures the reader’s attention.
It’s typically the first impression.
When crafting a blog post title, consider the most popular types. And use a variety of types on your blog.

Types of titles for your blog posts

  • List –  People are attracted to list posts, as they are typically easy to read and to the point.
  • How to  – People are always wanting to learn ‘how to’ do new things. Or how to do something better. Like list posts, ‘how to’ are some of the most commonly-shared posts.
  • Case study  –  Case studies showcase what has worked and not worked for other companies. The “proof in the pudding”, per se, is what draws people in. People don’t always want opinions – they want proven facts. Case studies provide just that.
  • Sense of urgency – Do you have a limited time offer for your readers? Tell them that in the post title. When people are given an open window of time to act, they usually take it. Let them know the importance of your message.
  • Direct – Tell them what they are getting. In detail. For example, “Cleaning Checklist for Busy Moms” or “Template for Planning Your Social Media Strategy”
  • Why – These posts tend to work well, because by nature …. we are all curious. For example, “Why you should use coconut oil” or “Why you should start a blog.”  Why posts are good for putting a question in a person’s head that they didn’t even know they had. Make them curious. Draw them in. And you will have their attention.
Worth mentioning:
::  Use the words YOU/YOUR in your titles. These words make the readers feel it’s about them. And when it comes to writing content you want them to read – it is all about them.
::  FREE and GIVEAWAY are also popular words for titles. If you are giving something away, make it known.