How to incorporate social media into your website

Utilizing social media is becoming imperative for businesses, as is the need to incorporate social media into your business website. Social media and your website content should blend consistently, yet there are many businesses that still are not offering social interaction on their websites. This is costing these businesses prime opportunities to market their products or services and build their communities.

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Here are 3 ways your business should be incorporating social media into your website:


3 ways to incorporate social media into a website

Social Media Buttons

Offering links to your social media accounts/profiles allows users to connect with you on their favorite social media platform. Here they will be about to learn more about your company and possibly share your content.

Share Buttons on Posts and Pages

If your business has a blog, each post should offer the option to easily share your content. This can be easily accomplished on WordPress websites via a plugin such as Add This or Share This. By not offering social media share buttons, a business is missing the golden opportunity for their message to be shared.

Show-Off Your Best

  • Is your business ruling Facebook?

Embed the Page Plug-in widget (previously known as the LIKE BOX) on your site. With a solid following, you will be seen as a legitimate product or brand, and with the click of one button by your site’s visitors, your Facebook likes will quickly grow.

  • Is your business active on Twitter?

Add a widget with your Twitter feed to the sidebar of your homepage or in the footer. This will give your visitors a glimpse into your current updates and news.

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  • Is your business rocking Instagram?

People today are visual. Great photos grab people’s attention and draw them in to want to learn more. Instagram is currently one of the leading social media platforms being used to showcase a brand’s products and grow their community. Embedding a live Instagram feed on your site will offer one more way really connecting with customers and potential customers and showcase the ins and outs of your business, highlight a new or best-selling product, specials and promotions, and more.

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  • Is your business dominating Pinterest?

Add a Pinterest widget on your site—in the sidebar, footer, or within a post. Depending on your current business goals, embed a widget promoting your profile or maybe a specific board of your best selling products. Change or update the widget based on your current business season or goals.

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social media tip :: do not use widgets for social networks that are not consistently active.

To continue to grow your brand and your social media presence, you must make it easy for your business to be found. Your website—your digital home base—should incorporate social media in various ways on every page.